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Cheer on you favourite team at Tom's House of Pizza

Whether your sport of choice is hockey, football, tennis, soccer, curling or golf, one thing’s for sure: when it’s time for your favourite team to throw down, you don’t want to miss a second of the action. We get it—here at Tom’s House of  Pizza; we’re huge sports fanatics ourselves. NHL, CFL, MLS, MBA, you name it, we love it. So it should come as no surprise when we tell you that on game nights, we show all the action on the big-screen TVs that line the walls of our cozy Calgary-area pubs. In fact, we truly believe that besides actually attending the match, there’s no better place to be with some buddies on game night than right here at Tom’s House of Pizza. Here’s why.

1. The food

We call ourselves Tom’s House of Pizza, so you’ve probably already guessed what our specialty is. That’s right: pizza. But we don’t serve just any pizza at our restaurants in Calgary—only the very best. We use the highest quality ingredients around: our patented tomato sauces, 100% mozzarella and cheddar cheeses and generous helpings of toppings are always as fresh as they could possibly be. We can top your pizza however you like it, or tempt you with one of our homegrown creations. Some of our house favourites include the CJ’s Combo, loaded with our specialty meats and fresh veggies; the Suzanne Special, a heavenly combination of grilled chicken, pineapples, banana peppers and feta cheese; and our latest creation topped with savoury green olives, smoked bacon, and pineapples. Some of our house favourites include tender chicken and green pepper, shrimp and mushroom, and Suzanne’s Special, a heavenly combination of tender chicken, banana pepper, pineapple and feta cheese.

2. The drinks

No game night pizza party is quite complete without something to quench your thirst with. After all, you’ll need to keep your vocal folds nice and hydrated to cheer along with the crowd at Tom’s! That’s why, in addition to a large selection of sodas and other non-alcoholic beverages, we serve a variety of cocktails, wines and beers to accompany your meal to perfection. We’re particularly fond of Alberta craft beers and have a nice selection of them on tap for your sampling pleasure, including fine Alberta made brews from Bench Creek Brewing, Ribstone Creek Brewery, Wild Rose Brewery and Big Rock Brewery. Cheers!

3. The atmosphere

Last but not least on our non-exhaustive list of reasons why game nights at Tom’s House of Pizza can’t be beat is the cozy, friendly atmosphere you’ll find in any one of our Calgary pizza restaurants and pubs. It’s the perfect setting to watch your favourite team win the game in a vibrant, exciting ambiance where everyone feels like home.

So what are you waiting for? Next time there’s a big game on, round up your fellow sports fans and come cheer on your team of choice at Tom’s House of Pizza. We have locations across the city and in Okotoks. Rather host game night at home? Then be sure to treat your guests to a pie from one of the best pizza restaurants in Calgary. That’s right, Tom’s delivers, so give us a call today!


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