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Calgary's Oldest Existing Pizzeria!

Tom’s House of Pizza was founded in June of 1963, and we have since endeavoured to bring you a unique, great-tasting pizza. Opening our doors on Macleod Trail on June 7, 1963, a young Tom Fowler realized his dream of opening his pizzeria in South Calgary. Tom doggedly maintained his two core values through the years: only using the highest-quality ingredients and treating both his customers and staff like family. Having assumed ownership in the business in 1988, John (who had previously worked for Tom in the late ’60s) continued these essential traditions. The result is a favourite destination for families and pizza lovers all over Calgary.

Since our inception, Tom’s has always focused on quality. Tom’s thin-crust pizzas, sauces and toppings do not contain any MSG, oils or eggs; we prepare most of our ingredients in-house at our original production facility on Macleod Trail and have always supported local suppliers when sourcing our ingredients. And while we haven’t changed our pizza menu that much over the years, the items and combinations added to our original menu are prepared in the same careful way with the same focus on quality. Refusing to compromise on quality and taste, we prepare for you, our valued customers, the same excellent food we would serve in our own homes. Making you, the pizza lover, feel at home when you’re at Tom’s.

At Tom’s, you’ll notice the difference quality makes. Our toppings are fresh and locally sourced, so you get a taste of fresh local ingredients in every bite! When you dine at Tom’s, you’ll also get the satisfaction of supporting a truly independent business that focuses on doing things the right way when it comes to food preparation. All our food is either prepared by hand by our skilled staff at our Macleod Trail warehouse or is prepared for us by the best producers in the business. Indeed, at our warehouse, our staff is always busy crafting our famous thin-crust pizza dough, making pizza sauces, Caesar dressing and hot sauces, mixing and packaging Italian sausage, cooking chili, or slicing our signature pepperoni & salami. For your next thin-crust pizza, visit Tom’s, where we ensure that each and every pizza is Pizza ... Made to Perfection.

Enjoy our Delicious Thin Crust Pizzas

Tom’s House of Pizza is a one-stop destination for all your pizza cravings.

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