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A Gluten free pizza from Tom's House of Pizza

Many people these days are omitting gluten from their diets. But what is gluten and why are people cutting it out of the foods they eat?

Simply put, gluten is the common name for a combination of two particular proteins (gliadin and glutenin) found in wheat and a handful of other grains, including barley and rye. Besides serving a vital function in the propagation of baby wheat plants, gluten also has the wonderful quality of giving dough its stretchiness. So who’s avoiding it and why? There are a few possible types of people who benefit from going gluten-free.

People with Celiac Disease

Those who are diagnosed with Celiac Disease must avoid all gluten in their diet due to an immune reaction that prevents them from properly digesting gluten. Should someone with the condition consume wheat or other gluten products, their intestines can become severely damaged. As you might imagine, this is extremely painful and uncomfortable. Those with celiac disease avoid all gluten to preserve their overall health and well-being.

People with a Gluten Intolerance

There’s a second category of people who don’t respond well to gluten. After eating a piece of bread or a bowl of pasta, they experience stomach irritation, fatigue, or even joint pain. These symptoms are concurrent with those who have celiac disease but the difference is that there’s no damage that occurs to the intestines. Medical professionals diagnose these folk as having an intolerance categorized as non-celiac gluten sensitivity. If these symptoms sound at all familiar you should visit and talk to your family doctor.

People Looking for Overall Health Benefits

PSA aside, there’s a final category of people not consuming gluten. These health conscious folk report that cutting gluten out of their diets increases their energy, improves their complexion and sharpens their mental clarity. To date there’s not a lot of scientific evidence to back these claims, but nevertheless, it seems to work for some. Just be sure to consult a physician before making any drastic dietary changes.

There are many types of people benefiting from a gluten-free lifestyle. One of the more challenging aspects can be the necessity of avoiding some of the foods they once loved. We at Tom’s House of Pizza won’t stand for it. Good health and great food ought to go hand-in-hand. We believe no one should be deprived of Calgary’s best pizza. That’s why we spent nearly a year searching for the best gluten-free pizza crust we could find. We needed to find the right crust to live up to our own high standards of pizza excellence. Today, our customers agree that we serve the best gluten free pizza in Calgary. And yes, we do offer delivery throughout Calgary. So call us today to order a pie or two. Your taste buds and your tummy will thank you!


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