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Pairing Pizza with Wine

There’s no doubt about it, one of the best foods out there is pizza. It’s just as good for a casual evening watching the game with friends as it is for a romantic date in Calgary. It’s one of the foods that meat lovers and vegetarians alike can agree on. The question is what do you drink with your pizza? We all know pizza pairs well with craft beer, but it’s just as amazing with a great wine.

Matching wine with your pizza

There are almost endless possibilities for pizza toppings and there are more wines out there than we can count. But most pizzas include tomato sauce and cheese and knowing this, you can start pairing some of your favourite wines with your favourite pizza. Start by choosing a wine that has medium to high acidity; this will cut the fattiness of the melted cheese and match the acidity of the tomato sauce. Once you add some toppings, it gets really interesting!

Consider the toppings

It’s important to think about the toppings on your pizza when choosing a wine. A key to successful wine pairing is to match the weight of the wine with what you’re eating. For example, a pizza with few toppings, or with mainly veggies would do best with a white or light red wine, while full-bodied red is best with a heavy, meat-laden pie.

Suggestions for pairing our pizza with wine

Here are some great wine choices to pair with some of our popular pizzas.

100% mozzarella/cheddar cheese & tomato sauce with our Pinot Grigio

The acidity of this dry white wine is a great match for this classic pizza, which would be overpowered by a heavy red.

Spicy pepperoni with our Malbec

This wine is medium bodied, which means it’ll stand up to the spicy pepperoni on this pizza without overpowering it. Its acidity is also a perfect match for the cheese and tomato sauce.

C.J.’s combo with our Cabernet Sauvignon

Our most popular pizza is piled with four different types of meat and fresh veggies. It isn’t made for delicate wines but an assertive Cabernet Sauvignon is strong enough to match our popular meaty delight.

Don’t over-think it

While some wines go better with certain pizzas, the important part is that you enjoy what you’re eating and drinking. Go against the grain and have fun with it! Pairing your favourite pizza with a wine you love is sure to be a winning combination.

Come to Tom’s House of Pizza for the best thin crust pizza in town. With dine intake out and delivery service from four different locations around Calgary, we’ll satisfy your cravings. See you soon!

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