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There's a big difference between pizza made in conventional factory-like ovens and pizzas baked in Tom’s House of Pizza’s brick hearth ovens. We have taken the classic thin-crust pizzas born in wood-fired ovens of Italy, and adapted it to provide you with a unique North American thin-crust pizza baked to perfection in our own gas-fired brick hearth ovens. This allows you to get the best, thin crust, brick oven pizza in Calgary from Tom's House of Pizza any day. 

The main reason why so many people prefer brick oven thin crust pizza in Calgary is for its taste. A key reason brick oven baked pizzas taste better is because of the higher cooking temperatures provide an excellent pizza cooking

atmosphere. The higher temperatures create pizzas with a slightly crispy exterior while the toppings remain moist and tasty. Another advantage of our brick hearth ovens is that they allow our staff to truly craft your pizza the way you want it! After your pizza is built up with our patented tomato sauces, 100% mozzarella & cheddar cheese, and plentiful topping you’ll have the chance to watch our staff bake your pizza the right way. Rather than watch your pizza slowly make its way through a conveyor, our cooks put care and attention into making your pizza what you want it to be. And, of course, we always accommodate our customers who want their crust baked their way: light-bottom, crispy crust, or well-done on top – whatever you want, you know that at Tom’s our people are taking time to get your pizza right.

Also with our large brick ovens, we can cook multiple pizzas at once to fulfill big orders for your get-together or business lunches, as well as serve all our hungry lunch and dinnertime customers as efficiently and quickly as

possible. In most of our locations, it’s even possible to cook as many as 30 pizzas at once using our 2-oven configuration so bring on the big orders!

So if you’re looking for a properly crafted thin-crust pizza in Calgary and Okotoks, look for Tom’s House of Pizza. What’s more, with all our high quality meats and veggies, and 100% mozzarella and cheddar cheeses, your pizza

will not only taste great, you’ll feel great afterwards. This will all come together for you at your local Tom’s House of Pizza, where we hope you will see the difference our cooking process can make for a thin-crust pizza.

A popular pizza delivery restaurant in Calgary, Tom's House of Pizza makes delicious and nutritious brick oven pizzas for the whole family to enjoy. We also serve a variety of gluten free options, including the best – in our humble opinion – gluten free pizza crust available in Calgary. Whatever your dietary restrictions or preferences, we will do our best to ensure everyone can join in on the meal.

Whether you're looking for pizza delivery or pizza restaurants in Calgary or Okotoks, Tom's House of Pizza is open late 7 days a week and ready to serve or deliver to you. Just visit or contact one of our Tom's House of Pizza locations today.


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